Become a Spiritual Mentor and Coach

No aspect of your life, whether it’s your personal relationships or work, is untouched by spiritualism. For enduring success and happiness in life, it is important that your body, spirit and mind work together in close harmony to help you achieve your goals.

Spiritual coaching and mentoring is a way to explore the profound depths of your spirit to help you discover your true motivation and aim in life. It is the modern age equivalent of discipleship, and drives away the negative thoughts that have been holding you back from experiencing a wonderful and blessed life.

The 365-days Training — Make a Transition from a Motivator to a Spiritual Mentor and Coach

At Let’s-Live we help you get in touch with your deep-rooted desires and passions. You are able to view things more clearly, and conflicts of mind and soul are dissolved. You learn to embrace happiness and give love unconditionally.

Through our year-long spiritual mentoring and coaching course, you come to have compassionate understanding of human actions and their motivations. With deep knowledge of spiritual philosophy and modern scientific thought, you will be in a position to guide people of all generations, whether young or old, towards happiness, success and peace of mind.

The 365-days programme offers an opportunity to study different types of individuals, so that you can come to recognise and appreciate their qualities. The course combines scientific exploration and spiritual discovery, helping you make the transition from a qualified and skilled motivator to a loving, compassionate and inspiring spiritual mentor.

After you have completed the first two Master Sessions and the 9-day training, you are allowed to jump the next programme – Master Coach – and take your place among future professional life coaches.

Qualities of a Let’s-Live Spiritual Mentor/Coach

A spiritual mentor displays great understanding of the underlying forces that inform human actions and reactions. Our mentors and coaches share their knowledge of spiritual matters with others to help them achieve inner contentment, peace, love and joy. They are compassionate, loving and supporting, and are driven by a desire to end conflict, promote harmony, and help others see the glory and magnificence that they carry within themselves. A Let’s-Live spiritual mentor/coach is always ready to help others. They put the interests of their followers before their own, and guide them on the path of righteousness.

Learning From 365-Days Spiritual Mentor/Coach Training

After finishing the 365-days training, your connection with your inner-self and faith will be stronger than ever. The wealth of knowledge and experience that you will acquired over an entire year studying scientific theories and spiritual philosophy, will enable you to utilise your spiritual gifts in better ways. Your understanding of human behaviour, its various manifestations and causes, will help you establish greater rapport with your followers and other people.

Whether you want to open you own life coaching programme, add further dimensions to your already impressive personal-development expertise or nurture a ministry into existence, the year-long training programme certified by GFFSMC (Global Federation for Spiritual Mentor and Coaches) is your key to unbound peace, success and happiness.

Professional Success and Its Rewards Are Not Inimical To Spiritual Growth

Poverty is not an essential virtue of an altruistic and compassionate leader. Spiritual leaders do not have to be poor, in order to be of assistance to their followers and the rest of the world. An inspirational spiritual coach understands that abundance and prosperity are inalienable rights of men and women. Spiritualism is not antagonistic to affluence; it is a reward for maintaining the right balance between life’s different aspects.

Joining Let’s-Live spiritual mentoring/coaching programme has proven to be a life-changing experience for many individuals; it could transform your life.

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