Self-Discovery Courses

Why build castles in the air when you can prepare your mind, body and spirit to achieve the dreams you have nurtured for a long time? We have developed two Self-Discovery courses to support you in your endeavour – the Self-Discovery Master 1 and the Self-Discovery Master 2 course.

Self-Discovery Master 1

Introduction to the course

The Self-discovery Master 1 is designed to inspire, enrich and help you develop a healthy and strong sense of self-esteem. This course will help you see the truth about yourself and your true identity.

You will be freed from unprocessed negative emotions or any limiting behaviors that are preventing you from living a fulfilled and sustainable life. After we take you through this course you will:

  • Discover your inconceivable potential.
  • You will discover in yourself a power that you did not know existed.
  • You will learn how you can focus your mind to tap this potential and how you can create new choices.
  • You will learn about the incredibility of the nervous potential, which cannot be measured and how you can create for yourself anything you want.
  • You will learn about the power of the body to rewire itself and you might even witness miraculous healing in yourself.

You will learn about the influence and power that your unconscious mind wields. We will also coach you about the neuron-net and how humans form habits and create belief systems.

Our course will help you find freedom from:

When you complete our course, you will find that you have been freed from:

  • Identity issues such as low self-esteem, low confidence, lack of motivation and inspiration, nervousness and more.
  • Personality challenges such as being hesitant and cautious, feeling drained and exhausted, stress and anxiety, and more.
  • Negative emotions such as anger and hurt, jealousy and envy, remorse and shame, disappointment and sadness and more.
  • Addictions and substance abuse such as alcohol abuse, addiction to social networking sites, addiction to porn, drug abuse, smoking and more.

We will also give you guidance in areas such as personal development, self-development, professional development and career development. At the end of the two day session, we have an exciting event in store for you, to celebrate the progress you have achieved.

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Self-Discovery Master 2

The Self Discovery Master 2 Course is a three day event. This course is a study about human behavior science and modification. When you complete this course, you will feel a zeal for life that you may have never felt before. We have designed this course to help people make new choices and become liberated.

Our course will assist you with:

One of the best things about the Self Discovery Master 2 is that we have included several practical activities to support your development in a professional and personal environment. This course is not only for personal growth or growth of self. It also includes activities that will help you if you want to develop into the role of a teacher, manager, counsellor or coach.

You will learn about pioneering work in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, including a study of mind power, positive thinking, positive affirmations, psychology and more.

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