New Generation Leadership Courses

There was a time when a leader was considered to be one who told people what to do and how to do it. People looked up to their leaders for solutions and for answers to all their questions. Things have changed and the 21st century leaders need to do more than just lead or give orders. The new generation leader should be one who not only talks, but also listens with compassion and takes action for the upliftment of communities across the world.

Let’s-Live offers new generation leadership courses and seminars that have been exclusively designed to enhance the lives of students and scholars, who I believe will be next generation leaders.

Defining New Age Leaders

New age leaders are nothing like the ones we have had in the past. Earlier, leaders only passed orders and guided the team and community in a path they chose for them. But that is not going to work in the world we live in today. I believe that a true leader today is one who is optimistic, compassionate and inspiring. Sadly, there is a short supply of such people in the world, which prevents our communities to progress as we would want them to.

Let’s-Live New Age Leadership Programmes are aimed at creating the leaders for tomorrow, who are natural agents for transformation. Not only do they enjoy their own personal and financial freedom, but they also take genuine pleasure in helping other people succeed.

Nurturing Leadership through Innovation

I believe that the only thing that is constant in life is change. To keep up with the changing times and values, the Let’s-Live team is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to instill life skills in youngsters. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and there is every need to make sure that they are prepared to face the challenges that the future holds for them and equip them with the skills they need to lead their communities successfully.

I have developed and participated in a number of youth enhancement programmes across South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. My experience with youngsters and the high regard I hold for them has helped me design and develop the Let’s-Live New Generation Leadership Programs. Developed with the enrichment of young scholars and students in mind, these life coaching programs are just what the youth in the country needs today.

Community Upliftment Goals

Our leadership programmes are not just about an individual’s betterment. They also aim at community upliftment through individual enrichment. With these inspiring programmes and life coaching seminars, my aim is to encourage the youngsters to initiate and participate in development programs for their community and other communities across the globe.

In the past, our programs have helped creating a number of effective leaders by enhancing their capacity for compassion, listening, understanding and by enriching their gift of intentionality. My aim is to continue nurturing more and more individuals through these programs, and give to the world new age leaders who will lead it towards progress.

Be a World Leader

Do you have it in you to inspire and motivate the people around you? Can you lead a team successfully towards progress? If yes, then the Let’s-Live New Age Leadership course is just what you need to develop your leadership qualities. Through the courses and seminars, I personally coach young people by communicating and connecting with them effectively.

Our coaching programmes give you the needed boost to step up and become the leader that the world needs today. As a Let’s-Live New Age Leader, not only will you lead a happy and fulfilled life, but can also help others to do the same.

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