Become a NLP Master Practitioner

Let’s-Live advanced NLP training is meticulously designed to help you become an authority on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). The training is imparted by some of the best coaches in the field and helps you gain a better understanding of the relation between human communication and behavior in order to set you up for growth as an individual and success in life. Our NLP courses have helped a number of entrepreneurs, and their employees re-invent themselves and approach different aspects of their life with a lot more zeal and enthusiasm.

NLP is widely recognized today as one of the more important approaches to personal development. The complex relationship that exists between cognitive, linguistic, and behavioral abilities and patterns in humans, defines who we are and how we interact with others. By attempting to explore the link between communication and behavior, NLP helps improve your personal and business relationships.

Takeaways from the NLP Master Practitioner Training

Our training focuses on building competency for using diverse NLP skills at once. We do not just discuss the various NLP tools during our classes, but also provide historical details and in-depth analysis of the tools, so that when needed, you can develop your own customised techniques to meet different challenges.

It’s not our aim at Let’s-Live to tie you down with manuals and extensive texts, but to give you the confidence to tackle real-life problems by going beyond NLP, by exploring the hidden depths of your potential.

Take a look at the numerous things you can expect to learn from our NLP Master Practitioner Training:

Attitude: This is the first step that you take towards becoming a Master Practitioner. We teach you how to incorporate the NLP attitude into your daily living – through automatic behavioral responses, thought processes, and communication.

Professionalism for success: A lot of people will tell you about professionalism, but what they won’t tell you is how to employ it for success and develop it. We help you master a generative attitude that helps you evolve as a professional.

Coaching Skills: This is where we teach you to apply your NLP knowledge to different areas of life and business.

Rapport Building: Communication is at the heart of human relationships. At the end of the training programme, you will be able to connect with people within no time, through expressive body language and spoken communication.

Identification and Optimisation of Effective Strategies: We share our knowledge of different NLP techniques to improve your decision-making. You are not only trained about recognsing the best professional alternatives, but also how to optimise them to meet your unique requirements.

Effective Timeline Installation: We teach you in great detail about timelines.

Hypnosis through NLP techniques: With our advanced training, you will be able to hold the attention of your audience by the creative use of hypnotic techniques.

NLP tools/applications: As a master practitioner of NLP, you should be able to add useful customisations to the different NLP tools and techniques. We help you master the NLP principles so that you can innovate and develop applications.

Use the Holistic Advantage of NLP and Become a Master Practitioner

NLP isn’t just about bringing a change in your communication skills and making a few behavioral adjustments; it goes deeper than that. NLP can help you connect with your inner self, so that you can align your goals with your identity. NLP’s spiritual dimension makes it more rounded and arguably more effective than other approaches to human communication and behaviour.

Our intensive NLP Master Practitioner training can assist you in recognising your inner aspirations and unlocking your hidden talents for greater personal and professional success. We have helped individuals and business professionals from over 40 countries transform their lives and businesses by turning them into master practitioners of NLP.

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