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Master life coaches are the next set of professionals on the corporate wanted list. Over the last few years, the popularity of coaching as a career path and a charismatic business model has grown in leaps and bounds. For those life coaches who are ready to galvanize life-affirming changes in others and establish their own distinction as an adept professional in human behavior modification as well as motivational realignment – the Master Coach Training by Let’s -Live is the answer. 

As an able master coach certified by Let’s-Live, you will help people infuse new life in their personal and professional relationships. You will show individuals and corporate executives how to effectively manage successful self-sufficient ventures and achieve their life’s goals. What I like the most about this course is that it is helpful both for your prospect as well as you. Your accession will also give you great opportunities to effectively fix yourself parallel to other master coaches and spiritual mentors.

What you gain from the Master Coach Training by Let’s-Live

With our personalised training modules you can probe four different categories of coaching and mentoring. Depending on the area you feel most passionately about, you can delve into business coaching, relationship coaching, scholar and student coaching or wellness coaching.

By the end of the course you’ll be an ace in self and personal development skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, innovative life coaching skills, and hypnosis techniques adopted from Milton Ericson. Once proficient, you’ll be able to help busy business persons gain greater fulfillment out of their work and life – driving them towards increased ardor, peace, as well as contentment.

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How to become a Master Coach

We do not believe in providing training just for the sake of selling certificates. In order to make sure that only the best, most deserving candidates get certified as master coaches under our banner, we have incorporated the following prerequisites for the Let’s-Live Master Coach Training classes.

Coaches need to finish the entire Life Coach course first. This comprises an extensive 380 hours of coaching training about addressing personality related goals and ambitions like accepting and respecting oneself, managing a balanced personal, professional and social life, spiritual and personal growth, and planning as well as career development.

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Once you have mastered these techniques, we help you gear up for the next level. After registering you’ll be entitled to receive a host of different training manuals like the NLP Master Practitioners manual, Master Coach Training manual, Business Coaching Training manual, Relationship Coaching Training manual, Scholar and Student Coaching Training manual, Lie Detection Training manual, Master Hypnotherapist Training manual, as well as wellness coaching training manual. Roughly 100 hours of coaching will be gained from manuals in the pre-study phase.

As is with all our other courses, the theoretical knowledge you gain will be tested to determine if you are ready to move to the practical experience stage of the training. Various theoretical exams and tests will be conducted including the NLP Master Practitioners test, Master Life Coaching test, Master self-Development test and Master Coaching theoretical thesis. These tests will make up for another 150-200 coaching hours.

Coaches who qualify for the practical training stage will go through a rigorous 140 hours of fieldwork-based experience training exercises to prepare them thoroughly for the challenges of the outside world. The Master Coaching hours will make up for an additional 440 hours of coaching. All in all as a master coach, you would have had a minimum of at least 820 coach training hours. All these would be strategically designed to build on the life coaching lessons learnt previously.






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