Awakening of the Gods Seminar

Henry David Thoreau once said that many people live in quiet desperation and they die with their song still unsung. Each one of us has a divine spark within. We have all come to this earth to create something wonderful. Our ‘Awakening of the Gods’ seminar seeks to show you your unlimited potential.

The human population of the world is more than 7 billion, yet there is no one else like you. Destiny is calling out to each and every one of us and is waiting for us to make the next move. It is rooting for you and wants to see your potential flower, so that you can start contributing to the world around you.

In the first Chapter of the Bible, it is said that God made man in his own image. You have divine attributes and qualities that are latent. Our Awakening of the Gods seminar will help you awaken those qualities and embrace them.

More about the Awakening of the Gods seminar

In the seminar Francois Janse Van Rensburg will lay bare the mysteries surrounding the human race. He will tell you about the original design of human beings and show you the human spirit’s blueprint. Most of all, he will teach you to believe in yourself.

You will learn about the divine qualities and why you must imbibe them to become the person you can become. Here are some of them.

  • Freedom: To help you become free and the person that you really are.
  • Love: To nurture your emotional self and nurture that of others as well.
  • Transformation: To help you move forward so that you can attain the magnificence you were born to attain.
  • Joy: To give you a light heart.
  • Power:To help you enhance your perseverance and courage. The power to do good for others.
  • Wisdom: To help you make the right decisions and learn from your life experiences.
  • Forgiveness: To help you forgive others and seek forgiveness from other people.
  • Healing: Improve your health. Heal yourself and others.
  • Grace: Draw on divine support when challenges seem insurmountable.
  • Harmony: To help you harmonize and stabilize your life and gain harmony in the middle of chaos.
  • Illumination: Become spiritually uplifted and connect to the divine and to your higher self.
  • Clarity: Clear the clutter in your mind and gain clarity on your life.
  • Truth: To help you discern truth in a situation and distinguish between illusion and deception.
  • Abundance: To help you enhance your well-being and that of others.
  • Peace: To help you gain deep peace or to find peace. Make peace with others and contribute to world peace.
  • Purpose: To help you surge ahead and attain your life goals and purpose.

More about the Awakening of the Gods seminar

The Awakening of the Gods seminar is a trailblazing step-by-step process that aims to enjoin you to the Spirit of God. This seminar is anchored in a deep reverence for the almighty, for divine laws and that spark of divinity that is in you. The knowledge you gain from this seminar will help you wake the giant within yourself- the living power.
The human spirit is the final frontier and to gain success in this new millennium you have to harness it. The Awakening of the Gods seminar is about gaining power, about truth, about reacquiring trust and belief in yourself and your potential. All of us have private ambitions; of what we can achieve, create and become; a vision of the life we wish to live and what we deserve. The Awakening of the Gods seminar will give you this power.

The great Indian philosopher saint, Swami Vivekananda once said, to succeed, you must attain tremendous perseverance and tremendous will. The persevering soul will say, ‘I will drink up the ocean’; ‘mountains will tremble at my will’. When you have that kind of energy, that kind of will and you work hard, you will surely attain your goal.

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